Diets and Supplements

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A confluence of factors in the last year have made me more interested in the science of diet and food supplements.  For many the Crossfit training I regularly now do goes hand in hand with “eating Paleo” (low on dairy and processed carbs), and although I don’t do Paleo myself I’ve lost almost 20kg doing Atkins-style low-carb diets in the last 12 or so months. One of my latest projects is in the area of high quality...

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Free Management Coaching

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Who needs a life or management coach when you can dip into the collective wisdom of the inter-web? Want to learn how to be a better manager in the eyes of your staff? Check out some views on reddit  Feeling frustrated with your mother in law, make yourself feel better with some schadenfreude. I guess the structure of this site is a bit different from your average chat forum, and it’s appeal is in it’s surreal at times, but...

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Great local weather site

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Do you ever feel you can only get a weather forecast for somewhere near where you want, but isnt quite the right place.  We live in the upper part of our village, about 150m above the nearest weather station most weather sites want you to lock in on, so in winter that can make the difference between rain and snow in the morning. This site allows you to get the weather at your house by choosing the exact spot on a map, and gives you very...

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Swiss Ordnance Survey Maps Online

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Great Sites | is a pretty useful site for planning walks and bike tours.  Google maps offers quite similar functionality, but this site has some very useful extras: the ordnance survey view with contour lines and all the usual symbolsfact that you can plot “click to path” routes right down to single tracksthe instant elevation mappingsave and export routes in the usual GPS formats.

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Bikes for Sale Switzerland

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Great Sites | is the place to go and buy second hand bikes and equipment in Switzerland.  A lot of the advertisers are still private individuals unlike sites like or  In typical Swiss style, the equipment is generally very high spec and not overly abused, of course you have to cut through a fair amount of optimistic pricing too, but there is enough traffic (say 40-50 new bikes a day) to ensure its a reasonable...

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