At the time of writing Im doing the “Whole Life Challenge” with the Hillseeker Crossfit family and friends.  It requires at least ten minutes of workout a day, and I decided to put together some Daily Ten Minute Travel WoDs for those with limited time, experience or the inspiration to put together their own.

These WoDs are a bit different from most travel WoDs out on the interweb, 1) They are self contained and include some form of warm up, 2) The include some brief coaching cues, 3) They are designed to be done on consequentive days and have variation across exercises between legs, arm, core and pushing/pulling.  Here are the WoDs so far:

Travel WoD TGI Double Under Friday

If you have jump rope and double unders, even if just one or two:

  • 1.5 minutes – rounds of 9 star jumps, 6 air squats, 3 squat jumps, progressively increase intensity
  • 0.5 minutes – jump rope and get your DU mojo going
  • 2 minutes – attempt max unbroken DU, then continue to establish max DU within 2minute total
  • 1 minute – catch your breath…. while doing some wrist, ankle and shoulder circles and stretches
  • 5 minutes – “flight simulator for time” ie 5 unbroken DU, 10 unbroken DU, 15, 20, 25 etc resetting after each level achieved, turnaround at half time and come back down the ladder.

If you only have alternating DU do this with alternates counting only the DU.  If you have less than 5 DU, start with your max and increase by two at a time.

If you only have single under (ie regular skips) go for max singles in two minutes, and spend the 5 minutes working towards your first double under, or improving your single technique.

If you have no jump rope repeat yesterday’s Burpee WoD…

…only kidding:

  • 2 minutes – rounds of 9 star jumps, 6 air squats, 3 squat jumps, progressively increase intensity
  • 1 minute – hip and squat mobilization and stretch, easiest variant is to hold bottom of squat holding a support or counterweight (eg dumbbell, KB) and move around looking for “sketchy” spots
  • 2 minutes – maximum air squats in two minutes
  • 1 minutes – catch your breath….
  • 2 minutes – maximum situps in two minutes
  • 1 minute – catch your breath… and do a couple of pushups to get your pushup “mojo” on
  • 1 minute – maximum pushups in one minute. Scale a per Tuesday’s Travel WoD

Travel WoD Thursday

Death by Burpee
10minute, each minute on the minute
2 burpees, then 4 then 6,8 etc

Once you no longer get 15s break, stick with that number for the remainder.

Advanced version, work up to a fail using up the whole minute and then subtract 4 from that target and stick to it.

In the first minute or two throw in a couple of situps, air squats and push-ups to help stave off the boredom; which will not last long though!

Wednesday Travel WoD –  “Isometric Ratchie”

This one will have you sweating without moving a muscle… 2 rounds of 1 minute hold with good form (google is your friend here) of each of:

  • Plank Hold.  Solid core, hips not sagging, and not in pike position.
  • Superman Hold.  Head neutral, arms reaching out.
  • Hollow Hold.  Lower back pinned to floor.
  • Side Hold on Weak Side. Hips held high, hips and torso vertical.
  • Side Hold on Strong Side

If you cant hold for the full minute, release count to 5 and go again.

If you max on these holds is easily over a minute, you probably know your way around these exercises, so chose the most difficult variation you know for the second round.

Tuesday Travel WoD – “Ground Zero”

For anyone who is pressed for time, equipment and/or inspiration for their 10minutes of exercise tomorrow.

  1. Warm Up 3-4×10 Jumping Jacks, Air Squats, Walking Lunges. min 2minutes, first round for quality and range of motion, speed up progressively next rounds.
  2. “Tabata” Stair Climb. Find a suitable stair case/flight of stairs. For 4 minutes climb stairs rapidly, or even two at a time if legs and fitness allow, walk brisky back down. If you have a long flight, go up 20s, down for 10s. If no stairs do [more] walking lunges down a corridor.
  3. “Tabata” Push Ups/Sit Ups. For 4 minutes for 20s on/10s off alternate push ups and situps. Go for intensity during each work segment. If needed, scale push ups by resting hands on a bench or other raised object, but dont do them on your knees and dont allow your hips to sag. If you dont do so many situps protect your back with about 2-3 inches of support from a rolled towel or jumper under your lower back. Touch your toes and behind your head.

And you’re done… 2 points. Post total reps (steps/lunges, pushups and situps)…