“Create shareholder value through driving optimal net cash flows, providing appropriate funding and treasury services, and being ‘diligence ready’”

Most organisations need to raise funds at some point through debt or equity.  Only the best “assets” can secure funding at a reasonable price if at all, and making a financiers decision as easy as possible can add enormous direct and indirect value to the fund raising process and business.

The finance function is often heavily solicited during funding rounds, and should be able to focus on supporting management present the business, not chasing around for documentation or plugging holes in corporate documentation.  It also means that the inevitable disruption to a business knowing there is a process underway can be kept to a minimum.

Being “due diligence ready” need not just be an end in itself, but also a powerful risk management tool.  The discipline of subjecting the business to the equivalent scrutiny of impartial external financier often gives valuable insights into the business itself.  Even the more mundane task of keeping up to date permanent files on legal entities around the group is of itself a strong direct control, and can provide a very good feeling of general control issues and attitudes around the group.

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