Hamstring Flexibility

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As many of you will know I have found Stretch Therapy’s approach to stretching quite transformational for me personally. Stretch Therapy has a couple of series for hip and shoulder mobility that are worth about 10x the 10 or so USD they cost to download (https://vimeo.com/kitlaughlin/vod_pages), there’s also a ton of material on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/KitLaughlin)  and the website and forum...

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10 Minute Travel WoDs – Week 2

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At the time of writing Im doing the “Whole Life Challenge” with the Hillseeker Crossfit family and friends.  It requires at least ten minutes of workout a day, and I decided to put together some Daily Ten Minute Travel WoDs for those with limited time, experience or the inspiration to put together their own. These WoDs are a bit different from most travel WoDs out on the interweb, 1) They are self contained and include some form of...

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Kelly Starrett Crossfit Movement and Mobility Seminar

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Since opening Crossfit Box #27 (there are now >7000) back in 2005 Kelly Starrett (call-sign KStarr) has become one of the superstars of the Crossfit world, particularly with his work on movement and mobility.  He is currently on tour in Europe delivering his message and I had the great pleasure of attending his one day seminar at the equally excellent Crossfit Thames in Canary Wharf, London.  Kelly’s background is as physical...

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Olympic Snatch

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Barbell lifting, both the Olympic and and Powerlifting varieties are enjoying a bit boost from their inclusion in Crossfit’s syllabus.  The snatch is by far and away the toughest of these lifts, and I have the utmost respect for anyone able to snatch their own bodyweight or more, let alone the champions who are closer to double their bodyweight. For mortals, here are some resources to help learn this complicated lift, which demands a lot...

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Diets and Supplements

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A confluence of factors in the last year have made me more interested in the science of diet and food supplements.  For many the Crossfit training I regularly now do goes hand in hand with “eating Paleo” (low on dairy and processed carbs), and although I don’t do Paleo myself I’ve lost almost 20kg doing Atkins-style low-carb diets in the last 12 or so months. One of my latest projects is in the area of high quality...

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