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CrossFit is maturing at quite a rate, and box owners are going to need more intelligence, marketing and business support. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas with my good buddy Simon, and today sent out a first little survey on CF boxes that have disappeared from the affiliate map at Exciting project.  Code name is BoxBrainz…

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10 Minute Travel WoDs – Week 1

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At the time of writing Im doing the “Whole Life Challenge” with the Hillseeker Crossfit family and friends.  It requires at least ten minutes of workout a day, and I decided to put together some Daily Ten Minute Travel WoDs for those with limited time, experience or the inspiration to put together their own. These WoDs are a bit different from most travel WoDs out on the interweb, 1) They are self contained and include some form of...

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What is Crossfit?

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I often get asked what is Crossfit.  Here’s my potted explanation of the philosophy and jargon.  Well you did ask… Crossfit is a “general physical preparedness” training program that defines fitness as the ability to generate maximum power (speed x weight) over broad time and modal domains (a few seconds to hours, doing (m)any activities) It uses elements of gymnastics (the ability to move oneself in space) , weightlifting...

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WoDs, Paleo and carbs

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We are two weeks into a four week “Paleo Challenge” at Crossfit Horgen. As a few of you know I have been struggling all week with a feeling of low energy at the workouts, my CMAR 13.1 score was down 60reps on Monday’s re-test.  I spent a bit of time researching the possible causes, and am hopefully on my way to a solution that I started trialling yesterday, hopefully with repeatable success, since this morning I PR’d CMAR 13.1 by 10...

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HTML mails in Outlook

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Even if mail filters have cut right down on spam in the last couple of years, we all get a load of newsletters and email adverts that are generally full of pictures and HTML code.  One of the quirks of the more recent versions Outlook is that it downloads this content every single time you look at a mail and basically freezes Outlook until its done. Combine that with slow servers like those of and it can get very frustrating to have...

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