Paleo Diet Progression

A confluence of factors in the last year have made me more interested in the science of diet and food supplements.  For many the Crossfit training I regularly now do goes hand in hand with “eating Paleo” (low on dairy and processed carbs), and although I don’t do Paleo myself I’ve lost almost 20kg doing Atkins-style low-carb diets in the last 12 or so months. One of my latest projects is in the area of high quality sports training supplements.  On the inter-web Paleo, low-carb and supplement discussions tend to be accompanied by a lot of zealous advocacy and cast in stone beliefs, whose foundation often seems to owe more to endless repetition than substance.

This will be the first post linking on-line resources that seem to apply some scientific rigour to these topics, and help sort the wheat from the chaff…

Whole Health Source a blog-site by a biochemist whose hobby is the study and convey time-tested strategies for achieving and maintaining health and well-being.

The Ancestral Health Society organises an annual conference on the science surrounding the Paleo eating movement.  The speeches are available on Vimeo, and my endurance athletes might be interested in this presentation by a cardiologist about the (un)healthiness of endurance events.

Finally for this first post, for those who are really interested in the science, and how to critically look at studies there’s Alan’s Blog.

Together these provide a pretty good launch pad to other resources positioning themselves at the scientifically critical end of the Paleo and low-carb “cool-aid” spectrum.

For my next post I’ll focus on the science (or lack thereof) surrounding exercise diet supplementation.