Olympic Snatch

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Barbell lifting, both the Olympic and and Powerlifting varieties are enjoying a bit boost from their inclusion in Crossfit’s syllabus.  The snatch is by far and away the toughest of these lifts, and I have the utmost respect for anyone able to snatch their own bodyweight or more, let alone the champions who are closer to double their bodyweight. For mortals, here are some resources to help learn this complicated lift, which demands a lot...

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I’ve sporadically joined gyms in the past full of good intentions, but generally spend the the last month of my annual subscription reducing my average cost per visit by 50%, then 33%, 25%,20% of the annual fee… and running or cycling for hours isn’t really my thing either. By chance Jeff at www.hillseekerfitness.com has just opened up a new Crossfit “box”.  Crossfit is a rapidly growing functional fitness...

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“Supple Leopard” has never been a term that I could associate with, and after years hunched over emails and spreadsheets this really came home when I started Crossfit in January, and discovered my shoulder mobility was scarily compromised.  Kelly “K Star” Starrett is the go-to mobility guru for Crossfitters worldwide. Checkout his www.mobilitywod.com site, for an education in modern mobility techniques: active...

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