So I’ve been fishing around to find the cheapest way to call my colleagues at Traderoot in South Africa, especially trying to cut the cost of the weekly conf call, that was costing 30c a minute even on Skype.

After browsing through 101 suggestions on various calling services and calling cards that frankly I’m not too keen sending my CC details to, I chance upon something hidden in plain view… Google Voice.   In the US it offers all sorts of bells and whistles including a personal portable number than unifies your mobile and land lines etc

In Europe or at least Switzerland for now it is basically a Skype (which is of course owned by Microsoft now) clone, but cheaper in particular for calls to mobile phones and premium numbers, costing about 25% of Skype’s already fairly decent rates.  It also has a iPhone app (as does Skype) but it doesnt seem to be available in the Swiss store but is in the UK and US iTunes store.

I’ll update this once I’ve used the service a bit but, definitely looks very interesting. Watch this space.