OK, so I’m trying to put myself and my services “out there” a little bit more.  Feels a bit strange and in your face, but there  you go.

So I’ve overhauled my templeman.net site here and I updated my LinkedIn page. What next? Get some traffic.  Since I like dabbling around and keeping abreast of internet and IT technology, I embarked on a DIY voyage of discovery and here is what I discovered so far.

WordPress site content manager.  I actually started using WordPress a couple of years ago, but it turned out to be a very good choice.  It’s easy to use and maintain, and it has a massive selection of free and paying layouts, and has some really great plug-ins to make life easier; Askimet to kill spam, All in One SEO for SEO optimization, and Google Analytics for WordPress to make activitating your site for Google Analytics.

Google Analytics.  At the risk of promoting Google’s world domination you cant really complain at a free product like this.  You need to understand who is visiting your site,  how they are getting there and how they are using it.  You can do all that with Google Analytics.

Paying for traffic.  For about 2 dollars a click through LinkedIn will serve up a little adverted to a selected user population.  I’ve decided to spend 100 dollars seeing what results this generates, and will report back at the end of the experiment.

Traffic for free.  Search Engine Ranking.   Here is a good video explanation of what you need to be doing to get your website ranked higher in search results. In a nutshell find the right keywords, litter your site content and meta data with them, litter the internet with links to your site.