Following on from Hillseeker Jeff’s POSE running course on Saturday, I went on a search for 180bpm music to practise to.  Anyway, I’ve been looking for a way to automatically find exercise music in a given tempo range for a bit.

My ideal was to find an iPhone/iPad app that will allow you to play Spotify tracks of a given mood, style and tempo range automatically… I didn’t quite there yet, but am pretty close.  Maybe I’ll learn to create my own iPod app to do it: the ingredients definitely exist, and they just need mixing right.

Key ingredient is the resource from which is a  service which has catalogued 30 million songs, with 5 billion data points including tempo, style and similar song links as well as API’s to access Spotify and other music services along with the echonest data too.

There’s a pretty cool iPod app SynchStep that will allow you to play tracks from your iTunes library at a certain tempo that synchronises to your running cadence, but I didnt yet find one that will run off Spotify content. However, web based site is a website that allows you to search on tempo, and narrow the search by style, and click tracks to play them in spotify.  They do an iPhone app too, but also limited to iTunes library.