Constant tempo playlists – Part 2

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OK, a couple of hours later here it is. Not pretty but functional, a page that will generate a 20 track playlist within a given tempo range from artists similar and including the chosen artist. Give it a whirl Daniel’s Artist Tempo Spotify Playlists generator.  It wont play directly in iPhone but you can easily take the playlists to Spotify.  Thanks to for the inspiration and a good chunk of the code… I didnt...

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Constant tempo playlists – Part 1

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Following on from Hillseeker Jeff’s POSE running course on Saturday, I went on a search for 180bpm music to practise to.  Anyway, I’ve been looking for a way to automatically find exercise music in a given tempo range for a bit. My ideal was to find an iPhone/iPad app that will allow you to play Spotify tracks of a given mood, style and tempo range automatically… I didn’t quite there yet, but am pretty close.  Maybe...

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iPhone Cycling & Running Apps

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve tried out a couple of iPhone apps to track bike rides or runs: RunKeeper MapMyRide Cyclemeter The basic functionality of these apps is broadly the same, and without extra sensors they use the iPhone GPS to track location, speed and elevation. The distinction between running and biking apps seems mainly a marketing one and all can do both sports. RunKeeper and MapMyRide are quite closely integrated with...

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Crossfit Timer App

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Seconds Pro is definitely the best training countdown circuit timer app out there, and the frequent updates just keep making it better.  Use it! Both for iPhone and iPad. I’m still trying to find an equally good looking and functional stopwatch timer.

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I’ve sporadically joined gyms in the past full of good intentions, but generally spend the the last month of my annual subscription reducing my average cost per visit by 50%, then 33%, 25%,20% of the annual fee… and running or cycling for hours isn’t really my thing either. By chance Jeff at has just opened up a new Crossfit “box”.  Crossfit is a rapidly growing functional fitness...

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“Supple Leopard” has never been a term that I could associate with, and after years hunched over emails and spreadsheets this really came home when I started Crossfit in January, and discovered my shoulder mobility was scarily compromised.  Kelly “K Star” Starrett is the go-to mobility guru for Crossfitters worldwide. Checkout his site, for an education in modern mobility techniques: active...

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